Input The Key:
  Pressure vessel
  Big Steel Construction
  Tower,oil tank accssories
  Noise silencer
  Back-fire relief valve
  Steel flange
  Adjusting board
  Chimney board
  Wedge disc valve
  pneumatic quick_open throttle
  Fire door
  Oil tank automatic drains

   Ningbo Yuancheng Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. are located at the beautiful costal city Zhenhai which was named as ¡°the door of southeast district¡± with a convenient traffic system and superior position. It is in the Jiao Chuan industrial park of Ningbo Chemical zone thus we get the chance to cooperate with the factories around.
   Our company is a Sino-U.S. joint venture with one million dollars in registration funds. Our company covers an area of fifty (50) thousand square kilometers and we have more than 200 employees and Engineers. We have four workshops: equipment workshop (old and new), forge workshop and machinery workshop. The main products in our company are pressure pipeline components and non-standard machines.
   We are members of Sinopec raw material market organization. We are the first-grade supplier of Sinopec. We were nominated as ¡°Best Supplier¡± by some of the biggest companies in the area, including ZRCC.


   We received the Safety Registration of Manufacturing Company 2002 award. While we also got ¡°Manufacturing License of Special Equipment ¡°(People¡¯s Republic of China) and ¡°Certificate of safety production of pressure pipeline component - A¡± given by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of People¡¯s Republic of China in 2002 and ¡°ISO 9001:2000 quality system¡±.
   Quality is the life of enterprise. So we always insist that ¡°Quality First¡± and this brought us a lot of business. We have complete equipment for manufacturing and a special place for testing, checking, pressure, design, typing and so on.
   We have 64 pressure elements making and inspection equipment. And of them three are process molding ones, 22 are seal ones and 2 are pressure-testing equipment, 15 are chain blocks. And besides this equipment, we have draught academics and technicians every year. We believe these people have the ability to add more value for our enterprise.


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